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Looking for a truly special birthday party for your child?

Why not try the fun and excitement of e² Young Engineers Birthday Party?


Birthday Party Package
  • (75 minutes)

  • Ages 7-10

  • For 12-25 children

  •  LEGO® model construction

  • 10% Discount of  Young Engineers Program

E² Birthday is a fun and educational activity for children. The children experience and have fun building with Lego throughout the activity. This building activity provides the children a small taste of the world of Lego and enables them to develop and think creatively as they create the things that they have imagined. In addition, the children work in groups during the activity, practicing cooperation and team work. Finally, we end with a fun birthday celebration. All held at the location of your choice!

Happy Bricks Birthday: is a E² Birthday activity with two main parts. The first part is the part of building a motorized Lego model chosen by the child from the following Lego worlds: Fun World, Sweet World, Race Car World, and the World of Crazy Tops. In each of these worlds, the children experience a challenging and educational building experience, after which can play with the models, and improve them as they see fit. In the second part, the children play at carrying out birthday tasks on their own or in groups.

For you, the E² Birthday activity provides a unique birthday that is both different and challenging, while for the children it is a wonderful experience.

Winter Special Prices based on the number of children:

Up to 12 kids       $220
13-16 kids            $240
17-20 kids            $260
21-25 kids            $280

Birthday Party Add-On’s

Mini-Figure Factory Build: $5 per child
Goodie Bags (bricks novelty toys: pencils, pens, eraser, bracelets, stickers): $5 per child
Balloons: $8 for 10 balloons

Please Note:

Pricing does not include facilities. We can also conduct parties at a facility of your choice, including your home. Additional facility charges may apply. Prizes and gifts can be provided for an additional charge per child or birthday child’s parents can supply them.

A Non-refundable deposit of $50 is required at the time of booking to secure your date. Please arrive for your party no earlier than 15 minutes prior to party start time. Food and paper goods for guests are the responsibility of the birthday child’s parents.

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